Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Atlas of Calendria by Electrofork

Atlas of CALENDRIA for the Year 2010 of the Common Era – A pocket atlas and map. Calendria is a calendar-as-world comprising twelve countries (months). One side of the atlas displays major boundaries, geographical features, etc. The panels of the other side contain the histories (brief, anecdotal), coats of arms and pennons or oriflammes of each sovereignty, along with its corresponding month laid out in a grid with major holidays noted.
This lovingly drawn and designed pocket atlas will arrive neatly folded to 4" x 9", but unfurls to a generous 27" x 20". A limited edition of 800, printed full color to both sides on smooth uncoated paper. It ships in a handsome recycled kraft envelope with a 4" x 9" Happy New Year postcard.