Sunday, 31 January 2010

Moose Head by Lucie Sheridan

This 3D Moose Head, is definitely something different for your walls! Above your bed or in your corridor it’s sure to get noticed! The patterned head is screen printed onto paper and secured to white mount board. Available in Orange or Blue. Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! My house is not quite cool enough for this but I love it anyway. Is it one of those DIY ones you have to put together yourself? I saw some over the summer, they were white and looked a bit like those DIY animals you got from toy shops when you were little.

Dig The Earth said...

It's fantastic isn't it! I'm guessing it is flat packed to make the shipping a little easier! There's a great post on Lucie's blog too showing the moose heads being die cut.

cabin + cub said...

That is pretty cute... hmm, this might be good for the nursery we are putting together.