Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dishes by Cynthia Vardhan

I love the wide range of eclectic patterns in Cynthia's work. These small dishes (2"-3" diameter) vary in colour and are perfect for displaying jewellery or serving dipping oils and spices. The dishes are made from a fine translucent porcelain, that lets light shine through when held up to a lamp. The pigmented slip is applied through a needle-like tool in a precise and clean pattern which requires both skill, time, and years of practice!


tractorgirl said...

I love them, they are so me. I think I need them. x tractorgirl

fabricatedends said...

They are wonderful, I love handmade pottery, and the different patterns and colors are so much fun. I'm a big fan in not having a set of china, and mixing and matching dishes for meals.