Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Seedbom by Kabloom

Seedbom. Throw it. Grow it. Seedboms are friendly bombs that contain all the necessary nutrients to grow flowers virtually anywhere! Tools for eco-warriors and guerrilla gardeners in the war against neglected neighbourhoods and weary wasteland. Get outside, join forces with nature and revive dull and lifeless places with an explosion of life and colour. Handmade from a mixture of eco-friendly, locally sourced, organic and recycled materials such as used egg boxes, shredded office paper, organic compost and a selection of easy to grow flower seeds. Seedboms are sold in a pack of 4 individual varieties: Sunflower Incredible, Cornfield Annual Mix, Nasturtium Peach Melba and Native Wildflower Mix.

To find out more about guerilla gardening, here is a very good place to start > CLICKY


Favethingsetc said...

Wow! Very Cool!