Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lavender Lovers' Lampshade by EvaLye

Lavender has been used since time immemorial for everything from insomnia to scented bed linens…but this is the only lavender lampshade we know of. Dried lavender flowers have been embedded in layers of mulberry paper, gauze, and tissue to create this beautiful shade. Approx. 28" circumference, 8.5" tall and 8" diameter. Opening to fit on lamp is a standard 1.5" and can be cut larger by request. Designed to be used with a single energy saving fluorescent bulb.


Unknown said...

just beautiful!
off the check her shop, now
thanks :)

Unni Strand said...

So lovely!
I'm off to visit your lovely England tomorrow, Bath this time. Have a happy summer!

Dig The Earth said...

Have a fantastic time Unni! Bath is lovely :)