Friday, 13 August 2010

Hamish McPlaid Cheeky Chicken Doorstop by Swirlyarts

Swirlyarts is the home of the original Cheeky Chicken! Meet Hamish McPlaid – a very cheeky chicken doorstop! He is very proud of his Scottish heritage and wears his tartan with pride. Hamish has been stuffed with rice for his photo shoot but he will come to you flat with a handy zipper on his bum so that you can fill him up with rice, sand or beans. He has bright felt details and buttons for eyes. He measures approx 14cm (6in) tall and 15cm (6in) wide. If Hamish McPlaid isn't quite to your taste, you can also commission a custom chicken in your favourite colours.


morena said...

Nice chicken!!!!!!!!!!

Swirlyarts said...

Oh thanks for the feature :) Only just come back off holiday so I wasn't ignoring you! Honestly!