Monday, 22 November 2010

The Lady and The Wolf by strawberryluna

A hand screenprinted art print showing that Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up, but in no less danger. Here's Allison at strawberryluna, "I've been fascinated and in love with folk and fairy tales my entire life. These days, many people know them best as tales for children, however many of our most loved fairy tales have much more brutal original tellings than you might imagine something fit for little kids. I read folk and fairy tales obsessively, the darker the roots of the tale, the more I love it. It's super interesting how the same stories appear in similar versions and places for both children and (especially originally) for adults as well. This is the first print in an on-going series of my interpretations of the folk and fairy tales I grew up reading, but for grown ups working with themes of sex, death and the supernatural."

The Lady & The Wolf is a two colour, all hand screen printed art print with scarlet blood red and semi-transparent midnight black hand mixed and non-toxic water based inks. Edition of 75. Size: 16 x22 inches. Beautiful!