Monday, 20 December 2010

Bird On A Wire Bangle Bracelet by BuyMyCrap

A beautiful chunky bangle bracelet by (the charmingly named) BuyMyCrap :) BuyMyCrap have created a durable transparent resin with an invigorating vibrant green hue. Silhouetted birds rest on telephone wires to create a sweet bangle that is fun, fresh and funky. Internal diameter 2 1/2". Height: 1 5/16". No artificial "shine" is used on any of BuyMyCrap's pieces (such as varnish, top coat, clear glaze, floor polish etc), the luster you see is created using good old fashioned elbow grease and finely gritted sand paper! This bangle is made to order.


A Deegan said...

stunning! i'd probably spend all day just staring at it if it were on my wrist

Unni Strand said...

Incredibly cool bracelet! I want one! (Oh, why is it too late to make wishes for Christmas now?)

Favethingsetc said...

Very cool! going to visit this shop now.