Saturday, 30 April 2011

Zoee Bug Contemporary Folk Art Doll by Cart Before The Horse

Zoee Bug is an odd one, but she likes it that way. Zoee is made of quilter’s muslin that has been painted and sanded, then painted and sanded again, giving the fabric a rich patina that  feels like old leather. Her arms and legs are button jointed, allowing her to be posed. Her wings are made of quilted muslin and held in place by a couple of antique buttons. She sits up  nicely on her own and is 6" tall when sitting. Entirely handmade. Individually sewn, drawn, and painted, Zoee is made in a limited edition of 25. Each piece is signed, numbered, and dated by the artists – Dylan and Jo.


Jo James said...

Thanks for shining a spotlight on Little Miss Zoee. She loves being the center of attention :)