Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lost Childhood by Thames Art

Gary from Thames Art was born and raised in Stepney in London's East End; his family history can be traced back for at least 200 hundred years in London, probably longer. In each piece of work he tries to reflect up to 2000 years of London history; from Roman occupation through the great plagues and fires that have blighted London, through empire building and brisk commerce, right up to the present day. Each piece is unique and always has a story to tell. These 1950's lead figures represents lost boy childhoods. All those young boys who played so intently and then somehow lost these beautifully made soldiers are now at the very best old men slowly heading towards nostalga and if they ever see this work they might wonder what on earth happend to his soldier collection too. I know I do. 19 3/4x 19 3/4 (50x50cm)