Friday, 30 October 2009

Map Heart by Bombus

Hand glazed, hand cut giant framable vintage map heart. The location of your choice is selected from the artist's map collection and hand bonded giving it a stiff, glossy painted texture. The map is then hand cut to shape and mounted.


Christie Cottage said...

These are cool! Wouldn't they make a great anniversary piece with the country where someone met or honeymooned as the centered country!

Love them!

Claire said...

I think it might be a terrific seller, if Bombus would offer custom framed maps of places dear to someone's
heart, as Christie's Cottage seems to have just suggested in her comment. How about the ol' sod where you were born? Or Mecca? The Vatican? Stonehedge? Yosemite? The Grand Canyon? The possibilities are endless.

Dig The Earth said...

Hi Claire
They do! You choose the location and Bombus find it from their huge collection of vintage maps. Christie was just suggesting a way of using this piece as an anniversary gift. :)

Regina said...

what a great idea! id need to have dozens of those to frame all the places i love!

*found your blog through the etsy forums!

Eye Shutter to Think said...

Cool idea - would make a great gift for birthdays & whatnot :)