Sunday, 18 October 2009

Your Story Necklace by Hint

Have you ever wanted to tell your story and hang it next to your heart? Custom designed to tell your story, this necklace uses sterling silver, gemstones and fine silver hand formed charms. The charms have been antiqued and polished to produce a gently aged patina.


Unknown said...

That's such a nice concept!

Beth Hikes said...

thanks so much for the post!

Texas T said...

I was shopping around for a unique gift for my wife, and I found this site: She has a "My Story" necklace that is similar to this (in theory), but the construction process was different. Her method was to extract information from me about significant events, memories, or people in my wife's life, and then she used her own creativity to make the pieces. It was much more than I ever expected, and it was trully a conversation piece!!