Monday, 31 January 2011

Antique Bottle-Shaped Beeswax Candles by pollenArts

A beautiful collection of hand poured 100% beeswax bottle-shaped candles by pollenArts. All of these fantastic candles are available singly or in this huge extra special set. Watching the bottlenecks pool up with hot wax and hollow out is show not to be missed. Every candle is constantly reinventing it's look as it slowly transforms into melting Salvador DalĂ­-like creations. They're cute - but don't be afraid to burn them! Made from 100% raw beeswax and not supplemented with cheap, toxic fillers such as paraffin. pollenArts work directly with the beekeepers, and due to the mild cleaning of this wax, the end product smells extra sweet! This collection is made up of a diverse array of shapes and sizes: medicine bottles, creams, tinctures, extracts, poison, first aid, old shear-top hand-blown inkwells, and much more.


Emily Whittaker said...

Oh these are awesome! I love the idea! Just looked at their shop and very tempted to treat myself... I bet they smell heavenly.

Thanks for another great share!

Dig The Earth said...

Thank you! They're great aren't they - I was a little too tempted last night and bought some! :)

Also, sorry Maureen, I managed to delete your comment, blogger wasn't being kind to me this morning! They are very cool aren't they :)

CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

These are just gorgeous! I promised myself I wasn't buying any more candles until I'd used all the ones I have... argh!

Dig The Earth said...

LOL - ah go on, you know you want to! ;)