Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Night Sky Stoneware Bowl by Leili Art & Design

You can probably tell by looking at some of my previous blog posts that I'm a sucker for bold graphic shapes. This very beautiful wheel-thrown bowl really ticks all the right boxes! The deep black interior surface has a constellation of white slip-trailed dots. The exterior of the bowl is a simple glossy white, making the stars inside, a real celestial surprise. It’s like staring into the starry night sky in a place that doesn’t have light pollution. Signed. One of a kind. High-fired stoneware. Diameter: 7”. Height: 6”.


Leili said...

I love the blog, and am so happy and pleased that you featured my art, Kev! It's an honor. Thanks so much for that - and for the opportunity to poke around on your blog and see what else your eye has selected!

Dig The Earth said...

Thank you so much, you are more than welcome – your ceramic work is so beautiful :)