Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Hook by Hole in my Pocket

A beautiful printed illustration of a bear fight from an original watercolour of a scene from a short story. This fight is not as it seems though, the fighter and the bear are in cahoots. The bear arrives in a village, causes a lot of trouble and then a few days later the fighter arrives. He offers to save the village in exchange for a large bag of silver and then he and the bear stage a mock fight at the end of which the bear is beaten and runs out of the village into the woods. The fighter later joins him and the two share out the silver. This fool proof plan serves them very well for many months until something quite unplanned happens… Unframed and unmounted 15cm x 20cm (5.9" x 7") digital archival art print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm paper. Signed edtion of 100.


Jill said...

Love this! Great how the spotlight directs our attention to the match. Brilliant!