Saturday, 9 June 2012

Grasp Porcelain Bowl by Flat Earth Studio

This limited edition serving bowl was created by artist Bryce Wymer and designer Farrah Sit. Hands have the arresting ability to create and engage a narrative about the human condition. Strength, weakness, embracement and frailty can all come across within just a few variations of the hands positioning. In the original "Grasp Collection" concept phase, Bryce and Farrah were interested in engaging the viewer in an interactive experience. After throwing a few ideas around they decided that hands would be the most universal storytelling element. Flat Earth Studio wanted to keep the concept slightly abstracted so the viewer could extract their own personal story from the design. This porcelain bowl is kiln fired and hand painted by Bryce Wymer. 2.75" high x 5.25" wide.

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