Friday, 29 June 2012

Fabric Butterfly Brooch by FruteJuce

Here is a fabric brooch butterfly, a large blue butterfly with a brooch back firmly sewn into place. Made with a butterfly image printed onto fabric, then freemotion embroidered with variegated colour thread. The brooch is stitched all around the edge and then trimmed close to the design. The brooch is made with one or two layers of flat wadding and has a slight padded feel.


frutejuce said...

Thank you so much for featuring my butterfly brooch, lovely :)

queenofcuffs said...

Just found this lovely blog by following the beautiful butterfly! I was searched 'help with starting a craft blog' and there was the link to this iridescent creature just luring me in!
Now as I learn (in baby steps) to blog - I can get my daily fix of 'nice' things to inspire + egg me on.

Dig The Earth said...

You are more than welcome Alison – your work is beautiful!

Thank you queenofcuffs - good luck with your blogging - just keep at it, enjoy it and don't let it become a'll be fine :D