Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Domestic Bliss White Chintz Ceramic Iron by Emily Stubbs

I recently saw Emily's fantastic ceramics at the Holmfirth Art Market, and couldn't resist featuring one of her beautiful and very unusual pieces – this amazing chintz iron. Here's what Emily says about her work: "Growing up around my Grandma’s house I have always been intrigued by the mountains of objects, from kitchen appliances to magazines, which fill the house from top to bottom. Everything is kept, whether it works or not, just on the off chance that it may become useful again. Over the years these objects almost started to merge with the very walls of the house, becoming embedded in their environment, and absorbing their surroundings. Each object has its own history and holds memories of the situations they have been in and the people who have used them. My work aims to be a celebration of these objects bringing together imagery and surface textures, inspired by their surroundings. The objects absorb and reflect these elements for the viewer to see. Each piece invokes personal memories and nostalgia. By producing these objects in clay I have given them a longevity not experienced in their real state."