Thursday, 23 June 2011

Edible Sugar Ferns & Fiddle Heads by Andie's Specialty Sweets

We'd like to propose a toast to those with woodsome hearts! May all your plans of forested bliss be thick with peeping fern, dewy beds of leaves, and low and airy whispers…and…these Sugar Ferns and Fiddle Heads, of course! Beautiful fully edible, and very tasty little works of sugar! Each Pure Vanilla and real Chocolate infused Fern and Fiddle Head is sculpted by hand, and meticulously detailed. Containing no wires, they are fully edible and can serve as a delightful garnish alongside a piece of cake. They are rigid, will not melt in heat and easy to adhere. Each order comes with guidelines for successful cake decorating!


Alice Fox said...

These are incredible! Can't believe they're to eat!

Dig The Earth said...

I know, they look too good!

Bon Matin said...