Monday, 20 June 2011

Sheffield Vessel by Emilie Taylor

"Layers of slip and glaze are chosen to celebrate different aspects of the form and function of tower blocks and their relationship with the British public. The stoneware forming the structure of the vessels is deliberately left visible to acknowledge the concrete of the tower blocks functional, brutalist exterior. The slip decoration depicts the chintz patterns often chosen by residents to personalise the interiors. A sentimental reminiscence of a cultural style clash pertinent to a period of history that, as their demolition continues to attract large and enthusiastic crowds, is about to be permanently lost. The final drawing in oxide or underglaze transposes the linear outline of the structure of the building in a style that is deliberately na├»ve – a pedestrian understanding of an intimidating building containing social and political aspirations. Souvenirs of a very British relationship with post war architecture."

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